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Dr. Roweth Starts K99/R00 Grant

We are delighted to share that on August 1st, Dr. Harvey Roweth started a K99/R00 grant funded by the National Cancer Institute to investigate the contributions of platelets in generating a tumor-supportive microenvironment, commonly referred to as a “pre-metastatic niche”.…

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Dr. Battinelli at ASH 2022

Dr. Battinelli presented at an ASH 2022 scientific workshop entitled the Interplay Between Coagulation and Malignancy. Her presentation focused on the potential contributions of platelets to cancer immune escape.

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Publication: Platelets Increase Tumor Cell PDL-1 In Vitro

Here, we report that co-culturing platelets with cancer cells increased tumor cell Programmed death ligand 1 (PD-L1), which was reduced by antiplatelet agents. We determined that platelet epidermal growth factor (EGF) increased tumor cell PD-L1, likely through an EGFR-dependent mechanism.…

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Publication: Megakaryocytes in Breast Cancer

The Battinelli lab recently published that breast cancer–induced alterations in megakaryocytes lead to qualitative changes to platelets that promote tumor metastasis. In this study, we used a spontaneous murine model of breast cancer to show that tumor burden reduced megakaryocyte…

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The Battinelli Lab Reviews Tumor-educated Platelets

Harvey Roweth and Elisabeth Battinelli recently published a comprehensive review article in the journal Blood discussing the complex mechanisms by which tumor cells “educate” circulating platelets. These tumor-educated platelets have received significant attention as a potential liquid biopsy for solid…

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